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Electrical Safety

Electric Shock Investigation Intro/Refresh

This one day course is an introduction to electric shock investigations and also serves as a refresher for those that have already completed one of our more advanced courses some time ago.

Shocks incidents are on the increase due to such things as aging networks, failing neutral connections and poor quality and/or old appliances and other electrical equipment, lack of installation maintenance, etc.

Many staff have not updated electrical skills since completing their trade and fumble their way through investigations. Litigation is on the increase, so staff need all the skills to lessen the risks and prevent further incidents (most importantly).

Staff will be developing valuable skills to allow them to confidently and professionally investigate incidents and ensure electricity user safety. Our three day investigation and incident report writing course are a natural progression for those doing this course as an introduction.

The course content includes:

- Investigation legal issues;
- The effects of current on a business and the human body;
- The various types of electric shock incidents;
- Understanding test equipment including a revision of series and parallel circuits and how these apply to voltmeter measurements;
- Technical issues including:
- Understanding the MEN system including Neutral‐Earth voltages and how they occur;
- Neutral integrity testing methods;
- Network polarity;
- Other touch voltage sources;
- Forensic investigation procedure and techniques and:
- Finding faulty neutral connections;
- Using a power quality logger to assist with intermittent problems or confirming problems have been resolved;
- Corrective and preventative actions;
- Shock incidents are discussed and investigated. These incidents are typical of problems that may be encountered.

Online trainees have 45 days to complete this course. This can be extended if needed.

CPD Hrs: 8

  • Preliminaries
  • Discussion Board
  • Electric Shock Investigation Introduction/Refresher E-Book
  • Apple/Mac/Ipad Troubleshooting
  • Course Content - Theory
  • IR1 - Intro, Legal & Effects of Current Video (15 min 51 sec)
  • IR1 Assessment
  • IR2 - Types of Shocks & Understanding Test Instruments Video (15 min 33 sec)
  • IR2 Assessment
  • IR3 - Technical Issues Video (37 min 19 sec)
  • IR3 Assessment
  • IR4 - Forensic Investigation Video (18 min 20 sec)
  • IR4 Assessment
  • IR5 - Case Studies & Summary/Conclusions Video (4 min 37 sec)
  • IR5 Assessment
  • Course Content - Practical Videos/Assessments
  • Practical - Neutral Integrity at Switchboard (approx 9 min)
  • Practical - Set Top Box (approx 5 min)
  • Practical - Toasters (approx 7 min)
  • Practical - Streetlight Column (approx 10 min)
  • Course Completion
  • Course Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year