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Electrical Wiring

Electrical Apprentice Aptitude Tests

Around one third of electrical apprentices fail to complete their apprenticeship which is costing the industry greatly through wasted investment and lost opportunities. These aptitude tests will help to improve this poor completion rate and ensure the right apprentices get hired.

Applicants get tested for:
- Literacy
- Mathematics/Numeracy
- Electrical and Mechanical Reasoning

It is important for apprentices to have literacy and mathematical skills to be able to complete their TAFE successfully and be able to communicate with customers.

The electrical and mechanical reasoning test seeks to find those that have an interest in the electrical industry, may have done electrical work experience, have some knowledge of tools, are apt for the position, and are therefore able to do their job to a high standard.

Each participant can pay via a credit card or we can invoice for multiple participants and then provide a group key that participants can use to start the tests. It will take each candidate approximately 1.25 hour to complete the tests as they are time limited. They will need a calculator for the numeracy test and could print off the reading passages for the literacy test.

Participants will need to go to the "Progress" page on the right hand menu and then to the "Tests" tab and print off the test results in a spreadsheet to provide a printout for the employer. We can confirm results if needed.

The tests have a 30 day expiry but this can be extended if you contact us.
  • Test Results
  • Literacy Test - Reading Passages
  • Literacy Test (time limited to 25 minutes)
  • Numeracy Test (time limited to 20 minutes)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Test (time limited to 15 minutes)
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Literacy Test (time limited to 25 minutes), Numeracy Test (time limited to 20 minutes), Mechanical and Electrical Test (time limited to 15 minutes)"